PASAKA: The Word For “Story” In Lithuanian


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During Mugė weekend, students from the media arts program at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia will be asking about your Lithuanian PASAKA. They will be interviewing Mugė attendees and recording stories in a documentary film exploring the immigrant experience and life as a hyphenated American. Stop by and share your story.

The idea is to try to capture stories before they disappear. Second Wavers are getting older. First Wave children and grandchildren are mostly assimilated and have partial stories. Third Wavers are realizing how easy it is to lose identity in a dominant culture like the United States.

Small and big stories are a big deal. A Second Waver who was a child in the DP camps may remember hunger and CARE packages coming from the west while a First Waver may remember her parents speaking secret Lithuanian which they had not taught her. Third Wavers may tell of how strange the First and Second Wavers seemed to them, etc.

If you would like to share your PASAKA or if you would like to share your parents’ or grandparents’ stories, please stop by the Club Room during Mugė weekend.
Rough Cut Productions
This immigrant experience documentary is being filmed under the direction of Rough Cut Productions, founded to provide high school students with professional media production experience while earning internship credits. The documentary will be available on Rough Cut Productions’ YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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