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Lithuanian Folk Music, Lithuanian National Anthem, And More!

The Lithuanian national anthem, “Tautiška Giesmė,” was written by Vincas Kudirka in 1898. The song became Lithuania’s official national hymn in 1919 and is often referred to as “Lithuania, Our Homeland.”

This video includes a karaoke-style display of the song’s lyrics.

To learn more about the anthem and to see it translated into English, visit Tautiška Giesmė on Wikipedia.

“Brangiausios Spalvos” (The Most Precious Colors) Performed by the Aidas Choir. Written by Kestutis Vasiliauskas.

This is a relatively new song about the three colors of the Lithuanian flag and how they are the heart of Lithuania. Yellow symbolizes the sun; green is the color of the fields; and red represents the blood of Lithuanians.

“Laisvė” (Freedom) Performed by Eurika Masytė

“Dėl tos Dainos” (For the Song) Performed by the Bel Canto Choir with Artūras Anusauskas on Piano

“Lietuva” (Lithuania) Directed by Jonas Kavaliauskas

“Tai Graziai Gieda Lakstingalele” (It’s a Beautiful Singing Nightingale) Performed by Rasa Serra

“Aušta Aušrelė” (Dawn)

“Volungėlė” (The Little Golden Oriole) Performed by the Raskila Choir

“Mano Kraštas” (My Land) Performed by Gytis Paškevičius with the Dagilelis Choir

“Trys Milijonai” (Three Million) Written and performed by Marijonas Mikutavičius.

This popular sports anthem was originally recorded in 2000 as an ode to Lithuania’s athletes in the Sydney Olympics. Since then, it has become synonymous with Lithuanian basketball and widely popular with Lithuanian sports fans.

The song title itself represents the population of Lithuania being three million strong.

Millennium of Lithuania. Lithuanian Song Celebration
A compilation of songs including “Tevyne Dainu ir Artoju” (Land of Song and Cultivators). Words written by Justinas Marcinkevicius. Music written by G. Tautkus.

This somber song is a series of questions asked by a child. Why only through pain and blood are we led to a joyous tomorrow? Why is there so much anger, revenge, and so many lies in the name of Lithuania? Why are you breaking my heart, my dear Homeland?

“Aš Tikrai Myliu Lietuvą” (I Really Love Lithuania)

Marijonas Mikutavičius sings “Ar mylit ją jūs” (Do You Love Her?), more popularly known as” Aš tikrai myliu Lietuvą” (I Love Lithuania) for its chorus. Mikutavičius is a popular Lithuanian singer, musician and songwriter, television journalist, comedian and talk show host from Vilnius. He is best known for his sports anthem “Trys Milijonai” as well as the official Eurobasket 2011 song “Celebrate Basketball.”

“Aik, Ožys, ir Buvo Dūda Vilniuj” (The Owl, The Goat, and There Was a Horn in Vilnius) Performed by the Dainava Lithuanian Chorale

“Sutartinės” (Lithuanian Multi-Part Songs) Narrative by UNESCO